Christmas Thoughts by Reverend Edward Brady

By Patrick Gubicza
A Blessed Christmas to all!
Our Savior, Jesus Christ, empowers us to fully celebrate life to its fullest through the Holy Spirit. This experience is most intense every time we participate in one of the seven Sacraments. As we celebrate the Peacefulness of the Most Blessed Trinity this Christmas, let us remember to promote and support the Common Good within our families and communities we belong too, through prayer. 
With the intense focus in regards to our national security, we should keep all law enforcement in prayer during this Most Holy Time of year. These men and women protect and maintain our Common Good, which enables us to fully enjoy so many freedoms, especially to worship. Imagine what it would be like if it was not for their diligence.   
Reverend Edward E. Brady
Grace returns us to the particular and local,
where we need to take our own steps
and create a life that has never been lived before.
This journey leads us into more uniqueness
where we begin to know ourselves loved by God.