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    The Philopatrian has been a part of the fabric of life in the City of Brotherly Love for more than 160 years.

  • The Age of Elegance Lives

    The Age of Elegance Lives

    The Philopatrian honors its legacy by conserving The Stotesbury Mansion as a symbol of Philadelphia elegance.

  • A Grand Experience

    A Grand Experience

    Our Grand Ballroom seats 100 dinner guests and is a stunning setting for our members, guests, and catered events.

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    A Rittenhouse Square Oasis

    Our second-floor library space is a relaxing example of the Philopatrian's oasis-like atmosphere.

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    Enjoy Fraternity or Solitude

    In our game room you'll discover a chance for time alone or just as easily a night of fun with friends.

  • An Expansive Facility

    An Expansive Facility

    Our home boasts more space and secrets than most. Becoming a member unlocks a new world in Center City.

The following prayer requests have been submitted through Prayers Unite TheWorld.

  • For heart, COPD, Asthma, and other breathing disorders in this cold. Lord watch over them and help them through another winter.
  • For PUTW Ministry and all of the prayer warriors who are here to pray for those who request prayers. May all be Blessed and continue this great work. And may we spread the word so that others will request and pray.
  • Please pray for Jamie Dorr. Please pray for God’s richest blessings for Jamie Dorr. Please pray for her salvatiuon and the salvation of her whole family( Household Salvation )
  • Precious Blood of Jesus Holy Face of Jesus Our Lady of Sorrows Sts Ann Pio Anthony Joseph please bring Victoria & my future cute masculine pure chaste holy loving faithful husband like ST Joseph together on the wings of God’s holy angels quickly & let him be very happy about it, me too we fall in love stay in love get married & are always in love & happy. Special Intentions. God bless the poors in USA & souls in purgatory, peace on earth. Thank you God. Hail Mary, etc. Glory be, etc SII
  • Dear Lord, please protect my family and keep them in your loving care. Please send a gentleman to Kate to fall in love with. Please make him a local guy and live the same values as she does. Thank you.
  • Benjamin Brown-Pray for his conversion and salvation Shantel Chisholm-Pray for Shantel”s conversion and salvation. Elisha Rios- Pray for Elisha’s conversion and salvation.
  • Please pray for peace for my husband and I. His drinking is making me very sick, both emotionally and physically. I suffer from severe anxiety attacks which elevate my blood pressure and my nervous system. He blames me for making him drink. We’ve been married 42 years and have a beautiful family but none of us can get through to him. Thank you for your prayers.


  • Cancer healing for daughter in law Safety for granddaughters
  • Jeffrey and Nicholas Robinson have died . Please pray for their eternal rest!!!
  • Please pray with us for continued peace and for the Holy Spirit to touch the hearts of all involved. Please protect the sweet baby. Lord hear my prayer.
  • I’m unemployed. Please pray that the Lord through our Lady’s intercession would provide the right job for me soon. God bless.
  • Please pray for Antoinette Bost have surgery today.

Please pray for our religious and all clergy, esp Fr Berg, Fr Wood, and Fr Juan Carlos who is going on vacation. Please pray for all souls in purgatory, for Christian family all over the world, for baby Peter. Special intention for our 23rd wedding anniversary. We ask this in Jesus name, through the intercessions of the Holy Family, holy martyrs, all the angels and saints, pray for us. Amen.

  • Holy Spirit please give all involved peace and wisdom. We need your power to give guidance and intercede in these circumstances. Lord hear our prayer.
  • Please pray for my husband with his job and many responsibilities, for my son and his faith journey. Please pray for holy souls, for all religious and clergy, esp Fr Juan Carlos, Fr Wood, Fr Berg and all parish priests. Special intentions of Fr Scott Nolan and Fr Ripperger. In Jesus name we pray, Our Lady of Sorrows, St Joseph, Divine Infant, all the holy martyrs, all the angels and saints, pray for us. Amen.
  • Please pray for special intentions for Jean,Maryann,Joan,Carol,Toni.For physical,spiritual,emotional healings,for financial help,guidance and discernment.Thank you.
  • I have a son who has never recovered from his brothers suicide, and then a best friends death as well. He has much hate and anger in his mind and heart…Please pray for that to be removed and come back to the family fold, we all love him. Please pray for our son who took in life. and calm in our family. For my grandchildren, some drink to excess, and some are having life problems with jobs, and decisions. And for my sons, and grandson who are Police officers. Thank you all so very much….
  • Darold Ames Has died. Please pray for his eternal rest.
  • Please pray for an end to my sadness and safety for my children and husband.
  • Please help the doctors figure out how to help Dru. May they develop a plan to make him well enough to fight the Leukemia that is ravaging his body. Give strength to Judy and her family too. Amen
  • Pray for Jospeh Henry Loveless ( Deceased ) Please pray for his eternal rest.
  • Please pray for Eric McDonald. Please pray for his conversion and salvation. Please pray For God’s grace so he can experience the New Birth for himself. May he have New Life in and through Christ Jesus.
  • Please pray for my 3 year old son, William. He has trouble sleeping and wakes up every few hours. This has been going on for several months and prior to that, he never slept through the night consistently. This has been very exhausting for my wife and I. He also has bad eczema on his arm that this has not went away with the natural cream we have been using. Thank you.
  • Good evening, thank u for your act of love that you do. I would like to ask you for your prayers for my dad and mom Juan and Renee, my brother bad decisions left them with a big debt. My brother Juan Carlos was very disrespectful to them and tell then that he won’t be responsible for the debt anymore. My parents are retired now they have to pay this big debt.Can u please pray that our Lord help them and give them the wisdom to know what to do to pay this big debt.Thank uGod bless
  • That Our son is healed completely of vertigo and is successful in the athletic talents that God gave him . He is blessed with opportunity and accomplishes his goals as mercifully our daughter ‘s children sleep peacefully, have relief from illnesses in Jesus name
  • PBJ OLSHFJjeljdpIPRGahmwhe JKAN Stbsiaapjjrmlfcemcjbbmmgriidtlbmii BlprpvghrriabcVVinfndtbkasthhiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiihsblkStji4Viiiiiisiiiiiiiiiiiiienbsohhuipppdrlitscdlbamssiiifv4Viiiisiisiiiiiiiiiiifvisiiisiiisiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiifvmiiimfiifvisiiiiiiiiiifv souls in purgatory,peace, love, calm, all of V’s OSST DM HSS 13 CAMM AMM TL all V’s written petitions& daily offering prayer ministry bag & candle prayer requests may God answer all petitions tucked inside quickly & in abundance intentions
  • Matthew Lougee was badly hurt in a traffic accident. Please pray for his conversion and salvation. Please pray for his healing!!!
  • Archie Verow has died. Please pray for his eternal rest!!!
  • Lucas Benson Mary Donovan Eileen Zebley
  • For beloved deceased: My Mother Josephine Fenerty and brother Patrick Fenerty and all the Fenerty’s and O’komskis who have passed away.Thank you and God Bless You All.
  • Jerry Herman has died. Please pray for eternal rest for him.
  • Please pray for Odyn McInnes. Pray for God’s richest blessings. Pray God bless him, his family, and home
  • Charles Ingerham Peddle has past away. Please pray for his eternal rest!!!
  • Edward Aschoff has died after a brief illness. Please pray for his eternal rest.
  • Please pray for a Miracle!!! Please pray for Roberta Joan Mitchell. Please pray for her conversion and salvation. Please pray for healing. She suffered a brain aneurysm and Morgellons syndrome. Pray for good health and happiness rooted in Jesus Christ!!!
  • Channing Smith was only 16 when he killed himself. Please pray for God’s mercy and eternal rest for the child.
  • Please pray for Daniel Hernandez. He is all mixed up and knee deep in trouble. Please pray for his conversion and salvation.
  • Erin Pascal, Alison Pascal, and Andrew Pascal have past away. Erin was the mother and Alison and Andrew her children. Please pray for their eternal rest!!!
  • Gage Hale was killed in a shooting accident. He was 145 years old. Please pray for his eternal rest. Please pray for peace and comfort for family and friends.
  • Dear Lord, please protect my family and keep them in your loving care. Please let Kate have a New Year’s date who lives locally and has the same values as she does. Thank you
  • Prayers for elderly gentleman having surgery on Feb 3.
  • Prayers for my son who is searching for employment. He has cancer background and it’s hard to find suitable employment.
  • Prayers for all those alone and few finances to have a nice Christmas. May God Bless them all and send a secret angel to support them at this wonderful time of the year.
  • Dear Jesus, may we all treat others as You treat us. Give us Faity, Humility and Love in our daily lives.
  • Pray for those who are alone, lonely, homeless or have little to eat this Christmas. May we all be generous in our giving to strangers.
  • Pray for the elderly and those who live alone with no family to share Christmas with. I pray that these people will have good neighbors to support them.
  • For Jeannette Schaeffer, 90, who suffered a brain hemorrhage and is now unconscious and is dying in hospice care.
  • Please pray for Branden Pitts. Please pray for God’s blessing and help for .May the light of Christ shine on his pathway and the love of God warm his heart.
  • Please pray for The McDonald Family. Please pray for household salvation. May this family be United in Christ through God’s love. May they know God’s love and be filled with the hope of Christ.
  • Justin Carmen was a police officer. He shot himself in the head. Please pray for God’s mercy and forgiveness for him. Please pray for his eternal rest!!!
  • James Pearson was stabbed to death in his own yard. Please pray for his eternal resat.
  • Prayers needed for Donna & Angelina to get through troubling times. Thank you!
  • Please pray for Rebecca Timlin-Scalera. She died from cancer. Please pray for the eternal rest. Please pray for peace and comfort for her family and friends.
  • Please pray for Felix Kjellberg. Please pray for his conversion and salvatrion!!!
  • May God have mercy on these souls….Jennifer Brown, Paul Mendes, Joshua Mendes, Robert Trudeau, Brenda Clark, Eben Dingman, Patricia Worster.
  • Please pray for the father of a Knight of Columbus who is in the hospital, that the Lord comfort him.
  • Please pray for the mother and the sister-in-law of a Knight of Columbus, that they both be restored to health.


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