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    The Philopatrian has been a part of the fabric of life in the City of Brotherly Love for more than 160 years.

  • The Age of Elegance Lives

    The Age of Elegance Lives

    The Philopatrian honors its legacy by conserving The Stotesbury Mansion as a symbol of Philadelphia elegance.

  • A Grand Experience

    A Grand Experience

    Our Grand Ballroom seats 100 dinner guests and is a stunning setting for our members, guests, and catered events.

  • A Rittenhouse Square Oasis

    A Rittenhouse Square Oasis

    Our second-floor library space is a relaxing example of the Philopatrian's oasis-like atmosphere.

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    Enjoy Fraternity or Solitude

    In our game room you'll discover a chance for time alone or just as easily a night of fun with friends.

  • An Expansive Facility

    An Expansive Facility

    Our home boasts more space and secrets than most. Becoming a member unlocks a new world in Center City.

The following prayer requests have been submitted today through PrayersUniteTheWorld.org.

Need a miracle for our farm — to turn the crop around to abundance.

Please pray for my parents. They recently got married and I want them to have a successful marriage
Please pray for my father. He is currently deployed in North Carolina helping the victims of the hurricane.
I ask that you pray for myself in that I get accepted to the college of my dreams and have the financial support to be able to attend.
Those suffering in California.
For all soldiers and their families, may they live in peace.

Please pray for a young pregnant woman who is experiencing medical complications.
Please pray for the world to learn empathy. Let us better know and sympathize with the problems that affect others.
Please pray for the happy repose of a priest who passed away the other day. May eternal rest be granted upon him and may perpetual light shine upon him.
Please pray St. Martha parish in Philadelphia.

– PrayersUniteTheWorld.org