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    The Age of Elegance Lives

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    An Expansive Facility

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The following prayer requests have been submitted today through PrayersUniteTheWorld.org.

  • We ask prayets for Poor Clares of Scutari (Albania) Grazie
  • Joyce Roberge has died as a result of a tree falling upon her home. Please pray for her eternal rest.
  • Nicholas Day has died in a traffic accident. He was 34 years old. Please pray for his eternal rest.
  • Please pray for my cousin Jim who has had 2 massive heart attacks and is on life support. His siblings are going to have to make some difficult decisions. They all need prayers. Thx.
  • Please pray for physical healing for Jean and emotional and spiritual healings and financial needs for Jean and Maryann and all intentions in my heart. Also pray in thanksgiving for ans. prayers, God bless and Thank you

Healing graces for a friend’s 94 year old father in law who has been healthy and now hospitalized with possible anemia and dehydration.

  • Pray for my son Louis & those traveling with him who will be in South Dakota, Montana, & Colorado from July 29th to about August 12th/13th – just a little over two weeks with colleagues from a great Christian religious liberty law firm, In Colorado. Also, pray for the meetings & the healing conference & for Father Greg B. who is running the conference. Pray for Danielle B. for health & safety & marriage.
  • Janie Bautista is now on life support. She spent the last 2 weeks fighting COVID-19 and pneumonia. Things don’t look good for her. Pray for a miracle!!!
  • Mason Reyes was in the car when his mom passed away in a car wreck. He survived but continues to fight serious injuries. A loved one posted this, “I pray and ask the Lord to heal Mason and comfort him and help him understand that his momma was needed elsewhere.” What would you tell Mason to lift him up?
  • Please pray for Alfred O. Brown Jr. Please pray for his conversion and salvation. Please pray that the light of Christ will cast out all darkness in his soul. Please pray that the love of God will free him from all fear and negativeness…

Dear Lord, please protect my family and keep them in your loving care. Please protect us from the virus. Please help Jim get the help he needs. Please send a local guy to her with same life values. Thank you Lord

Eric Jabbusch was seriously injured. He was pinned after several steel sheet pilings fell off a truck as they were being loaded. Jabbusch was taken to a local hospital with critical injuries.

for Annette Braverman for complete recovery for a stroke and sequelae

  • Prayers for spiritual, emotional healing following death of husband, strength, the will to find my way w/o him. For healing painful hip and knee.
  • Homer Dennison (Deceased) Please pray for Homer Dennison’s eternal rest.
  • Master Sgt. Andrew Christian Marckesano has died by his own hand. Please pray for God’s mercy and forgiveness for him. Please pray for his eternal rest.
  • Please pray for my nephew Shaun who is at a crossroads in his life. He is exploring different occult practices and alternative religious philosophies that support his alternative lifestyle choices and is spending time with people who I believe are not helpful, but rather encouraging him. Please pray for his conversion and entrust him to our Lady to lead him to Jesus. Mary Queen of heaven, pray for us.
  • PrsBlood Jesus Holy Face Jesus Inft Prg Our Lady Sorrow Sts Pio Anthony Ann Chrtphr Joseph Expedite all 9 choir of angels bless protect provide guide heal improve in abundance Victoria V’s income finances health healings careers love home car cmm dating real cute Catholic Christian gentleman husband similar to ST Joseph for Victoria temporal spiritual favors for Victoria Special Intentions Special Intentions Special Petitions Special IntentionsSpecial Intentions Special Intentions and Petitionsi
  • Please pray for Michael Maxim. Please pray for his conversion and salvation. Please pray God to open his eyes to The Truth that can and will set him free!!!!

Please pray for Nathan Sharpe. Please pray for his conversion and salvation.

  • Please pray for David St Andre. Please pray for his conversion and salvation.
  • Please pray for John Hoxie. Please pray for his conversion and salvation.
  • Please pray for Abby. I need everybody to keep her in your prayers they found a tumor yesterday on her brain but i know God can take care of it just need everybody to please say a special prayer for her thank yaw
  • Lord Jesus thank you for all your blessings. Please pray for people that I’ve hurt in the past, intentionally or unintentionally. I’m sorry that I’ve hurt them and please help me to be better. In Jesus name we pray, Our Lady of Mt Carmel, St Joseph, all the angels and saints, pray for us. Amen.
  • Please pray for a retired Catholic school secretary who has been put on hospice at her home. Thank you
  • Good results from a heart test to be done on Fri. July 10, 2020 at 9am.
  • I pray that my application for a new job will be successful.
  • Please pray for my friend; he is studying to be a Priest and finding life stressful.
  • Prayer for Julie , sick with Bronchitis seriously worried it’s more
  • Prs Blood Jesus Holy Face Jesus Inft Prg Our Lady Sorrows Sts Anthony Pio Ann Expedite Joseph Michael Gabriel Raphael please bless protect provide guide heal teach improve in abundance Victoria all V’s intentions incomes prosperity health healing dating careers home car safe travel bkcy agent book contract publisher peace love favors; all V’s written petitions & daily offering prayer packet ministry bag candles Divine Mercy please answer all requests tucked inside, thank you God. Hail Mary,etc.
  • Update on Las Vegas Metro Police Officer: Shay Mikalonis is out of surgery. Removed most of the bullet from his brain and MRI shows no brain damage. Staying on ventilator for now. Drugs are beginning to decrease. He’s fighting for his life. The family wants this news to be spread. Prayer Warriors Please pray for this young man.
  • If you can all please pray  for our Savannah. This afternoon she walked up the stairs and then fell back down the whole flight of 18 stairs and hit her head multiple times. We went by Ambulance to the Hospital. She has fractured ribs, fractured collarbone but what worries me the most is she has a fractured skull and a concussion. She is going in and out of being responsive several times. It’s a scary thing to see when this is your baby and I’m worried about her
  • Please pray for Dr. Kirk P. Gaddy. He has died at the age of 55 years old. Please pray for his eternal rest.
  • Asking for prayers for the little brother of a close family friend. He was in a very serious car accident last night, he had surgery this morning and the doctors said the next 48 hours are critical. Please say a prayer for Charley Ford
  • Judy is sick. She faces an operation. Please pray for her healing in spirit, soul, and body. May God up lift her and her emotions.
  • Please pray for my alcoholic husband who has been having problems swallowing his food. He eats very little and when he does he vomits it out. Please pray that he seeks medical attention soon. Thank you
  • Jean Kennedy Smith has past away.Please pray for her eternal rest.
  • The Marine involved in a shooting-stabbing incident early Saturday morning at Camp Lejeune, N.C., has died, the 2nd Marine Division said Thursday. Lance Cpl. William J. Luce, 22, an infantry rifleman with the 2nd Battalion, 8th Marine Regiment, died Monday evening at Camp Lejeune, according to the division.Pray for his eternal rest!!!
  • Dear ….please pray for my house where I am staying it has become very old please pray for protection in all situations ,please pray for my financial problems I am facing lots of financial difficulties I have to repay money but having no sores to repay , specially please pray for peace In my family facing lots of problems within my family having no peace lots of devil spirit attacks on my family my son had been married in the month of January 2020 within this six mont
  • On April 25, 2020 this young lady named Wendy was in a serious car accident and is currently in a coma. Pray for Wendy’s miracle!!!
  • Sir Ian Holm has died. Please pray for his eternal rest.
  • Please pray for Trooper Mickael Nunez .He was hit by a car while on duty.30-year-old Trooper Mickael Nunez is being treated for a severe broken leg and head injuries. Please pray for his healing.
  • Robert Belmain is being treated for head injuries and, according to police, will face “a number of charges.” as a a result of a crime spree. He hit on officer with his car. Pray for his healing. Please pray for his conversion and salvation. Pray for God’s grace for him to be able to repent and turn from his life of crime!!!!
  • Hunter Proctor, 23, needs Jesus Christ. Please pray for his conversion and salvation.
  • The body of Artie Lujan, 50, was found by the wreck off the Access Road Monday morning. car was traveling at a high rate of speed when it went off the road, became airborne, and slammed into a tree. The car was about 200 feet into the woods when searchers found it Monday morning as they were looking for Lujan, who was reported missing early Sunday morning.Pray for his eternal rest
  • Chantell Hunt has died in a traffic accident. Please pray for her eternal rest
  • Pray for Eric Glenn. He died in a hail of bullets. Please pray for his eternal rest.
  • Please pray for Scott Pendleton. Please pray for his conversion and salvation. Please pray for God’s grace for him to be able to forsake his life of crime to choose a life of virtue!!!
  • I am saying an online novena and another person saying it submitted her intention which spoke to my heart. She and her sister, ages 71 and 67 run a small hotel and because of Covid they have not had any guests for months and no reservations. They have no money for food or to pay insurance. They are not married, so no kids to help. Let’s pray for them.
  • Please pray for the daughter of a Knight of Columbus who is receiving chemotherapy.
  • Please pray for the repose of the soul of a man who died of a brain aneurysm and for his family to be comforted.
  • For Jack Donnelly who went to our Lord today.
  • Healing graces for Nancy, a 70 year old woman diagnosed with COPD.
  • Recee Caldwell has died as a result of Gun Violence. Please pray for his eternal rest.
  • Please pray for Benjamin Bowman. Please pray for his conversion and salvation. Pray for the grace for him to turn from his life of Christ and embrace Jesus Christ as his Savior and Lord.
  • Kurt Thomas has died. Please pray for his eternal rest.
  • Miosotis Familia has died. Please pray for her eternal rest.
  • Please pray for Christo Vladimirov Javacheff . He has past away. Please pray for his eternal rest.
  • Please pray for all these souls..Edgar Napier Jr., Edgar Napier, Sarah Nelson Napier, Linda Blankenship Napier, Angie (Lowell) Sutherland, Clinton (Alisa) Napier, Courtland and Caitlyn Sutherland, Zoey and Dillon Napier, Clifford (Sue) Napier, Kenneth (Peggy) Napier, Eloise Napier,
  • Please pray for Joan Ann Olivier. Please pray for her wellness and happiness. Please pray for her conversion and salvation.
  • Please pray for Marcus Beal, Michael Beal, Kevin Beal, and Christopher Gaddis. Please pray for these brother. Please pray for their conversion and salvation.
  • James was in an accident today which have broke his neck and paralyzed him. The doctor said he have few days to live. Please pray for a miracle.
  • Please pray for Nana Chaichanhda. Please pray for her conversion and salvation. Her house burn down. It was a total love. Pray God to prosper her.
  • George Floyd was killed. Please pray for his eternal rest. Please pray for God’s comfort and blessings of his family and friend. Please pray for the healing of the racal divide. Pray for National healing!!!
  • Christopher Wright has died in a car crash. Please pray for his eternal rest.
  • Nathan Lyday, he was an Ogden Police officer. Please pray for his eternal rest.
  • Please pray for Rose who has recently been diagnosed with breast cancer,continue to pray for the physical,spiritual,emotional healings for Jean and Maryann,as well as financial needs,for the guidance of the Holy Spirit as we move forward from the pandemic.Thank. you and God bless. All intentions in my heart
  • Harriette Sims for a complete uncomplicated recovery from knee replacement.
  • Please pray for Craig Thorne ,. Please pray for his conversion and salvation.
  • Wilson Roosevelt Jerman has died from COVID 19. Please pray for his eternal rest.
  • Prayer request for my son James and his wife Vicki and their son Liam, my daughter Barbara, Ethan, Kateland, Patrick and Alex. Please. <3 <3 <3 <3 <
  • Please pray for Tony that he may be free of cancer.
  • Prayers for a sweet woman how does the lords work. Debbie is a great lady and I ask for blessing for her and all her family.
  • I have a great catholic friend Jerry who takes care of both of his sickly parents and works fulltime. May the lord in all ways bless him and show him his path!
  • I have a buddy paulie who struggles in life and he takes care of his father. May god break through and show him the right holy paths.
  • Prayers for blessed solanus Casey to get his required miracles to become what he truly is a saint! Thank you lord for this beautiful man.
  • PBJ HFJ OLS Sts Ann Pio Anthony Joseph bppghrri v v:sisi bring Victoria & my future cute masculine pure chaste holy loving gntlmn Cthcchrtn fthfl husband like ST Joseph together on the wings of God’s holy angels quickly & let him be happy about it, me too we fall in love stay in love get married & are always in love & happy. Peace Love calm hope gdlgdfiwthprsptry for V, V’sEMBSPH hlgV’s TLWGiiiiiisliifv4Vi.All V’swptdopypkmbdm &candle intentionsi.Help him ask me outfvsii.sinThank you God.HlMryi
  • Jackie has tested positive for Covid 19 she is dying.. Pray for her healing and salvation.
  • Hunter has leukemia. He is just a little kid…please pray for his miracle!
  • My friend Chrissy’s father, Ron, is in need of prayers. He was diagnosed with COVID-19 and it’s been rough. He’s been in ICU for a week and and it appears his health is not improving. He currently isn’t breathing on his own. Please keep Ron, Chrissy, and they rest of their family in your prayers.
  • My brother Mike is having surgery right now. He is having receiving a pacemaker after having a rapid onset of shortness of breath. Very frightening time for anyone when loved ones cannot be with them while they are hospitalized. So I ask for prayers for all those who are alone, frightened and trying to overcome their trials.




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