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The following prayer requests have been submitted today through PrayersUniteTheWorld.org.

If you have any questions or comments, please contact us at prayersunitetheworld@gmail.com.

Thank You,

  • Mark has been employed as an armed security guard for Children’s Mercy and a part time policeman. For the last several months he has experienced episodes where he is suddenly unaware of his surroundings, unable to move or remember what happened. Children’s Mercy originally had him on short term disability. He cannot carry drive or be armed. They created a dispatcher position in OP so he can work.He needs lots of prayers.
  • Please pray for healing and health mind, body and soul. Also please pray for holy souls in purgatory. We ask this through Jesus Christ my Lord and my Savior. Our Lady of Mt Carmel, St Joseph, all the angels and saints, pray for us. Amen.
  • Robert (B0B) Cavanaugh for a diagnosis wherein he does NOT have to loose the second leg due to diabetes
  • All The Unborn children who suffer from abortion
  • Please pray for my divorced aunt’s and her children, may God guide them, protect them and keep them safe physically, emotionally and spiritually. I pray in the future I could financially help building their house. Also pray for my aunt’s ex-husband. May God give them faith and hope and bless them with love. We ask this in Jesus Christ Our Lord, through the intercessions of Our Lady of Good Success, St Joseph the Worker, St Dymphna, all the angels and saints. Amen.
  • Pray for all the persecuted Christians in India that are being murdered today because of their Faith
  • Please pray for my daughter, Suzanne R., who is 41 years old. Suzanne deeply desires to be married & have children, but she has not met that “special someone” yet. Please intercede that our Lord will SOON send a wonderful, Catholic man to be her spouse, & bless them with healthy children. Her “window” for having children is very small now, & at times, she feels very discouraged. As her mother, my heart aches for her!!! Suzanne is beautiful inside & out! God bless you for your prayers!
  • Please pray for the sale of my parents home (they are deceased). Especially intercede for a qualified buyer, who will make a fair offer, & a person (or family) who will be a wonderful neighbor(s) to the people who live in the area. God bless you for your prayers … and be assured of mine for you!
  • Please pray for two week old Lincoln who has a life threatening heart defect and his successful surgeries
  • Please pray for Josefina. Doctors found a brain tumor and she is now in the hospital with convulsions. Also please pray for George Lewis. His father practises Santeria and has performed some of their practices on him and he is now under great spiritual war fare. He is also now become addicted to drugs. Thank you and may our dear Lord Jesus Christ bless you and your communities.
  • For help with becoming Catholic,discerning my vocation and help overcoming my anxiety and depression.
  • Urgent from a friend: “Our niece just found out her baby in the womb has genetic defects. They are urging her to deliver early. The baby would then pass away. If we could have prayers for her, and for baby Hailey. We need a miracle and pro life doctors to help her. She lives in Colorado. She is feeling devastated. Please pass along this prayer request. It’s very urgent.”
  • Please pray for the conversion of all my lapsed family members to turn back to God, repent of their sins, return to the Church and practice the Faith and for the conversion of my non-Catholic family members to enter Catholicism. Thank you. Katrina S.
  • Prayers for healing of my left ankle so I may be able to continue serving our Lord Jesus through the many Ministries that I serve him in our Parish. Thank You and God Bless
  • As a thanksgiving for financial blessings, we’d like to offer prayers for holy souls in purgatory. Also please pray for my son so he could continue learning piano. Also pray for all the clergy, religious brothers and sisters, and pray for the intention of the pope. We ask this in Jesus name, through the intercessions of Our Sorrowful Mother, St Joseph, all the angels and saints. Amen.

– PrayersUniteTheWorld.org

Please pray for me as they found a lump in my breast. Please pray it’s non cancerous. Thank you🏻

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