The Catholic Philopatrian Literary Institute is a members’ only private club. You may apply for membership to the Philopatrian by completing our two-step process.

1. Fill out and submit the information requested below.
2. Return to this page, click “Pay Now” and pay membership dues.

Your application will be considered at the next monthly meeting of the Board of Directors, and you will be notified within six weeks.

Membership Dues

First Year Membership (Voting) $ 75.00
Contributing Membership (Non-Voting) Ages 21-25 $25.00
Contributing Membership (Non-Voting) Ages 26-29 $50.00
Active Membership (Voting) $ 150.00
Supporting Membership (Voting) $ 225.00
Lifetime Membership (Voting) $ 1,500.00

Member Status


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