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    The Philopatrian has been a part of the fabric of life in the City of Brotherly Love for more than 160 years.

  • The Age of Elegance Lives

    The Age of Elegance Lives

    The Philopatrian honors its legacy by conserving The Stotesbury Mansion as a symbol of Philadelphia elegance.

  • A Grand Experience

    A Grand Experience

    Our Grand Ballroom seats 100 dinner guests and is a stunning setting for our members, guests, and catered events.

  • A Rittenhouse Square Oasis

    A Rittenhouse Square Oasis

    Our second-floor library space is a relaxing example of the Philopatrian's oasis-like atmosphere.

  • Enjoy Fraternity or Solitude

    Enjoy Fraternity or Solitude

    In our game room you'll discover a chance for time alone or just as easily a night of fun with friends.

  • An Expansive Facility

    An Expansive Facility

    Our home boasts more space and secrets than most. Becoming a member unlocks a new world in Center City.

  • Requesting prayer from your Catholic Communities. My loneliness is palpable. my family, a large family,Ive not seen or communicated with in 7 years now.. i dont know why they have decided to cut me out of their lives. it hurts like no pain Ive ever experienced. i ask for acceptance, and peace. i truly feel like the only person on earth. Blessings..
  • for Maryanne Blatz for complete healing and recovery from Gall bladder surgery
  • Abraham’s right eye turned inward. The eye doctor said it was probably muscle weakness, common at that age.Abraham started having headaches in the morning and would sometimes throw up. Even watching TV made the little boy’s head hurt.A neurologist ordered a CT scan, which revealed a mass in Abraham’s brain. Abraham had medulloblastoma, a type of brain cancer. Please pray for his healing!!!
  • For a deepening and abiding faith
  • for Cio Danisevich for a successful operation due to dual Aneurysms
  • Alex Herd he is 19 years old and he has type 1 diabetes since he was 7 years old.Please pray for his healing and salvation.
  • Please can everyone pray for Baby Evie two weeks old in hospital with meningitis
  • Please pray for Laura Villarroel. Please pray for her healing. She is infertile and this causes great emotional tumult.
  • Seth Bossung, Andy Jessen and Adam Palmer were killed in an avalanche. Please pray for the eternal rest for their souls…
  • bruce beaton and his health
  • Please lift all the world in prayer to help bring an end to the Coronavirus, restore good health and community, and the ability to live and celebrate together.
  • Please pray for Eric McDonald. Please pray for Eric’s conversion and salvation. Eric needs Jesus. Please pray God to open Eric’s eyes to see Jesus Christ. Please pray God to open Eric’s ears to hear The Gospel of Jesus Christ. Please pray that the light of Christ will shine on Eric’s pathway. God is good. Please pray that Eric will experience the goodness of God.
  • Cloris Leachman has died. Please pray for her eternal rest.
  • Please, we ask prayers for Silvana, died today. Thank you very much from Italy.
  • Please pray for 3 year old Kara Fitzpatrick who just arrived in Philadelphia and is at Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia ( CHOP ) being treated for a brain tumor in its advanced stages. Neuroblastoma. Her mom ( Lotte ) is from Germany and her dad Sean is from Philadelphia. Her grandparents ( Tom and Lois ) are close friends and can not get in to see her due to Covid. Praying for a miracle so that Kara may enjoy a long and healthy life. THANK YOU.
  • Please pray for Roderick Durham. He has passed away. Please pray for his eternal rest!!!
  • Please, I ask prayers for me, Giulio. Thank you very much from Italy.
  • I ask for prayers and perhaps healing from my Lord. Physically and emotionally I am drained. my chronic pain and continued depression are removing my desire to eat. i am all alone in this world, and rarely have any conversations with others. i feel as though i dont exist. Please ask your communities to seek healing for me from out Christ. God Bless, Barry
  • Please pray for Alessandro De Chiara. Please pray for his conversion and salvationn.
  • Please, we ask prayers for: Giorgia, a little girl 14 years old, Mrs. Carmelina, Mrs. Anastasia, they have serious healt problems. Thank you very much from Italia.
  • Please pray for me; for healing from Irritable Bowel Syndrome.
  • 11 year old Juliana was just diagnosed with Lymphoblastic lymphoma cancer. She has a long road ahead of her to battle this. Her parents belive in the power of prayer. So please if you can say a prayer for Julianna,it wouldd help
  • Please pray for my husband surgery Friday. May it help him get better.
  • anita is facing an operation. please pray for her healing
  • Let us all pray for PEACE within our own home and families. So many families are estranged, and each one has their own hurt feelings from not being part of the family unit.
  • I have special need for prayers for a medical issue. I go in for blood work and an x-ray for Liver functions. I have many other medical issues also. Thank You, God that I can offer these things to YOU!
  • Please pray for Eric McDonald. Please pray for Eric’s conversion and salvation. Please pray God to bless this Christmas Season.
  • Dear Jesus, I humbly implore you to bestow upon my brother, (Mark Hensel Sr.), The gift of the holy Spirit ,so he can continue his mission on Earth and receive His countless blessings on him and his family, and lead them to God’s open arms. Amen
  • Christina Perri, her baby and the family.
  • Two friends of mine need a new roommate, and I dropped the ball with them. They are also catechumens as well, so they need extra prayers me causing scandal, and for the both of them to overcome the hardships of their pasts. I am also struggling with suicide ideation, and suffering from a lot of anxiety too.
  • Healing graces for Dianne, who was just diagnosed with stage 1 breast cancer and is having surgery on Tuesday.
  • For Michael McKinley in Nebraska. He is 47 and his liver is failing. He is in the hospital. Doctors are trying to determine what to do and if his Liver will regenerate or not. He isn’t a candidate for a Liver transplant. For Healing & deliverance from Alcohol. For his family too. Very difficult situation.
  • For Tim, who has suffered 3rd degree burns from the waist down as well as 4 crushed knuckles and a crushed wrist. The doctors had so remove about 60% of his flesh on his left leg and he is in danger of losing the leg. For Nancy, Tim’s mother, a growth on her pancreas has been found. For Donna, who has mylodysplastic syndrome and A Fib that she have some improvement of her health.
  • Please pray for Ryan Bomberger who suffered pulmonary embolism yesterday and has blood clots in both lungs. He and his wife Bethany are founders of The Radiance Foundation and he is an outspoken adoption advocate as his mother was raped and as a baby Ryan was placed for adoption with an amazing, loving, and large family and grew up on a farm in Lancaster
  • Please please pray for friend’s wife who has bone cancer.
  • Prayers for Darlene, who has cancer of the outer lining of her brain, that she find peace & healing of body & spirit. This is her third cancer.
    We ask prayers for Luca, Marco, Margherita , spiritual peace. Thank you very much.
    Please help us support our class A truck driver and friend Matt Day as he’s suffered from a stroke yesterday and has a long road to recovery.
    PBJ HFJ SIBless protect prd guide heal impv in abndc Victoria; a moral classy cute Cthlc Chrn gntlmn faithful = yoked hsbdlike ST Joseph for V. peace love mercy & temporal favors for V. Special Intentions Special Intentions Special Petitions Special Intentions petitions Special Intentions Special Intentions peace and calm in our homes and USA, V’s wrtn ptns & dly ofrg prypkts bag DM & candle pts God answer all requests inside. SI. God bless the poors in WV & USA, Mary & St Jsphs intns swaps SI
    Special intentions for a friends son who received a diagnosis which may leave him blind Prayers for healing strength and a positive outcome for a recovery

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